AWU produces shafts

  • hardened, non-hardened, partially hardened
  • processing of hardened or non-hardened material
  • with high-precision turning, drilling, milling and grinding
  • high dimensional accuracy while keeping the tolerances of shape and position
  • with pins, threads, milled areas and long feather key grooves
  • with additional surface treatment


Fields of applications

  • for all common types (guide) used in machinery where high precision and wear resistance is required
  • guide bars and shafts
  • tubular and hollow shafts


  • all common induction hardenable materials such as Cf53, Ck60, Ck45, 42CrMoV4, X90CrMoV18, 51CrV4 and others upon request

Surface roughness

  • up to Ra 0,025 μm

Heat Treatment

  • Induction surface hardening - hardening depth 4 - 6 mm with the removal of internal stresses

Surface Treatment

  • chromeplated
  • nitrided
  • blackened
  • zinc-coated

AWU - Tolerances

  • Diameters in h6 are standard, h5 and h4 possible
  • Straightness up to 5 μm/m
  • Surface quality up to Ra 0,025 μm, Rz 0,1 μm
  • Alignment up to 3 µm/m


  • from 8 mm up to 250 mm


  • up to 4 000 mm turning and grinding
  • up to 3 000 mm hardening

Products weights

  • up to 1 000 kg

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