For 50 years awu has been one of the leading manufacturers of:

  • cylindrical
  • induction hardened
  • wear resistant
  • grinded
components to be used in mechanical engineering and rolling mills.
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AWU has been specializing in

  • small-series production, single part, and prototype production

Our qualified and skilled  workers in Prešov (SK) on an area 1 000 m2, produce on extensive and modern equipment wide range of machine parts and rolls. According to customer requirements products are produced as drawings suggest on-site with great precision, including a uniform surface hardening.

AWU stands for

  • outstanding quality and highest precision
  • absolute compliance with dimensional accuracy, especially with tolerances of form and location
  • low-cost production of small and medium-sized batches
  • specialization in machining of hardened material (turning, grinding...)
  • adequate heat treatment
  • individual and competent customer advisory service
  • high flexibility and fast reaction
  • fast processing of offers
  • short delivery times


Sophisticated parts to drawings

  • the partial hardening, made of unhardened primary material
  • with high-precision, turning, drilling, milling and grinding
  • high dimensional accuracy, also keeping the tolerances of form and location
  • small-sized quiding columns
  • all common materials such as Cf59, Ck60, Ck45, X46Cr13, X90CrMoV18, and additional 42CrMoV4, 51CrV4

Surface roughness

to Ra 0,025 μm

Made-offs with the final processing

  • For all possible types (guide) used in machinery or elsewhere
  • materials as described above

Production length to 6000 mm diameter with 6-80 mm in the manufacturing tolerance h6 and h7. Other diameters and tolerances on request.

The guide shafts ready for final machining assembly - with ball bearing housings and grooves - worked as a fixed length.

Materials Cf 53 (some diameters and chrome-plated or hollow / tubular shaft), X46Cr13, X90CrMoV18.

Rolls and pulleys

Work rolls
(cold rolls, intermediate rolls, support rolls, skin-pass rolls, draw-in rolls, transporting rolls)
Straightening rolls
(intermediate rolls, support rolls, draw-in rolls, transporting rolls, scale break rolls, roughing-down rolls)
Slitting rollers
(cutter blocks and shearing rolls)
Shaping rolls
Metering rolls
Driving rolls
up to 250 mm
up to 4 000 mm
hardening up to 3 000 mm
single weights
up to 1 000 kg


Sphere of application
  • rolls
  • for tensioning and straightening devices
  • for spreading devices
  • for stain, slitting and corss cutting lines
  • handling lines
  • feeding equipments
  • printing machines
  • packing machines
  • cold rolling to a multi-cylinder design
  • working rolls for deployment in small kvarto and sexto rolling mills
Maintenance and revision of straightening rolls and straightening roller assemblies.
Heat treatment
  • Induction surface hardening - depth of hardening up to 5 mm with the removal of internal stresses
Surface roughness
  • up to Ra 0,025μm
  • 51CrV4, 100Cr6 or according to customer´s request

Columns & Pillars

Guiding columns
Tie rods as well as
Pump shafts, bolts, pistons, etc
up to 250mm
up to 4 000 mm grinding
hardering up to 3 000 mm
single weights
up to 1 000 kg

Types of case refinement
  • induction hardened
  • chromium-plated
  • nitrided
  • browning
  • journals
  • threads (male and female)
  • milling faces
  • fitting grooves
  • face drilling
  • normalized 0,015 mm to 1 000 mm
  • depending on customer´s requirements


Pull mandrel
Test mandrel
Winding mandrel
Measuring mandrel
up to 250 mm
up to 3000 mm
up to 600 kg


Heat treatment
  • Induction surface hardening - depth of hardening up to 5 mm with the removal of internal stresses
  • Cf53, 56NiCrMoV7, 90MnCrV8 or according to customer´s request

Job order production

In addition to the production of columns, pillars and rolls, AWU also acts as a contractor, lends a hand in case of capacity shortcomings, and undertakes outsourced work.

  • Turning CNC-turning Ø 8 - 250 mm, lengths up to 4 000 mm.praca_vo_mzdeSpecial: focus on long components with smaller diameters, small series. CNC - turning on double spindle lathes with 6 000 mm bar load magazine for diameters up to Ø 50 mm, and driven tools.
  • Milling/Front drilling of grooves and faces up to 2 500 mm also into hardened material, as well as front drilling.
  • Centerless Grinding continuous manner Ø 5 - 50 mm up to 1 500 mm leght, cylindrical shape 3 µm. Also straightening prior to griding.
  • Induction hardening up to 3 000 mm lenght, diameter up to 200 mm, depth of hardening up to 5 mm according to material and diameter, max. 600 kg of single weight, relief of internal stresses and tempering to 300 °C, Straightening before and after hardening to Ø 150 mm.
  • Sharpening circular cutting knives
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